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About Us

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Well-loved for its playful and eclectic take on traditional Asian cuisine, modern Southeast Asian restaurant Ding Dong puts forth its Asian-inspired cuisine—created by Head Chef Miller Mai — that promises to take diners on an experiential journey of culinary and libation surprises.

Immersed in the region's culture and culinary tastes, Ding Dong explores modern yet nostalgic textures and ingredients, drawing inspiration from Southeast Asian flavours, paired with specially handcrafted Asian cocktails and boutique wines.

Our Team

Helmed by Head Chef Miller Mai, Head Bartender Joepet and Restaurant Manager Nino Juanta, under the guidance of Executive Chef Ryan Clift and Group Bar Manager Andrew Loudon, the culinary and cocktail team at Ding Dong explores modern yet nostalgic textures and ingredients, drawing inspiration from Southeast Asian flavours to offer guests a playfully elevated dining experience.

Our Team

Ryan Clift

Executive Chef

Having cut his teeth with some of the world's greatest chefs including Marco-Pierre White, Peter Gordon, and Emmanuel Renaut, Ryan extends his distinctive brand of progressive gastronomy to Ding Dong as Executive Chef, where he guides Chef Miller in playing up well-loved Southeast Asian flavours through unexpected pairings and refreshing modern techniques.

Andrew Loudon

Group Bar Manager

Andrew has more than a decade of experience and has earned his name by working with a few renowned bars and restaurants in Manchester and London. He has also won a few International competitions such as the Havana Club Grand Prix and Drinks International Cocktail of the Year award, whilst also laying claim to other European and regional titles.

Andrew will be exploring the unique and diverse flavours that are abundant throughout South East Asia. With these ingredients he aims to bring a fun and vibrant drinking experience to ding dong with an emphasis and high quality ingredients and modern bartending techniques and procedures.

Miller Mai

Head Chef

Ambitious and driven, Miller – a born and raised Singaporean chef – leads the charge at Ding Dong alongside Executive Chef Ryan Clift, where his ardent passion and culinary chops embolden the playful and inventive Southeast Asian cuisine that Ding Dong blithely celebrates.


Restaurant Manager

"I love working at Ding Dong because I get to meet new people everyday. During my off-days, I cook and play basketball. I am a very positive person who is always carrying a smile on my face - do drop by Ding Dong to say 'Hi'!"


Asst. Restaurant Manager

"I am blessed to work at Ding Dong, and it has been awesome sharing my experiences in the service industry. Ding Dong is one of the coolest places I ever worked at during service my career!"


Head Bartender

"With more than half a decade of experience shaking up a storm behind some of Singapore's top conceptual cocktail bars, including Loof and The Black Swan, Joepet brings with him a happy knack for teasing out familiar flavours using ingredients sourced from around the region, alongside Group Bar Manager Joe Schofield at the helm."

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